Frequently Asked Questions

Last modified on 6 March 2020

General Information

What Currency is it?

It’s US dollar (USD)

Where are you locating at?

We are locating at Japan. We ship items directly from Japan.

How Do I Track My Order?

We will let you know the tracking number by email after you purchase. Please wait till item shipped.

Do I Need A Account To Place Order?

You don’t need to create account to place order. But if you place order many times, we reccomend you to make your account and manage your purchases.

Other FAQ

How long is expiration date?

In Japan, we use “best before date” (or best by date) for drinks/snacks in most case. Its not expiration (consume by) date.

Since it is not expiration date, even if it past, its no problem to eat/drink , and not illegal to sell in Japan as well.

(USDA and other source says its no problem to eat/drink if it past.)

We try to keep all item up to date but since some of items are already discontinued sometime their date is close or past.

In this case, we notify on product page. But these date is always changing so if you care the date, pls ask us for each item from contact form.

(pls ask us even if there is no notification or it is not discontinued item)

How Long Will it Take To Get My Package?

If it is Express Shipping, item will arrive within a week after shipped. (Trackable)

**Please note that It is a average time required for normal delivery, sometime it delays due to¬†the transportation, customs clearance, carrier’s handling procedures or other factors

Do you offer refrigerated shipping for chocolate?

We only ship Non-Refrigerated shipping.

We are shipping chocolate  everyday , never received claim but please note that we cant not guarantee if it melt or not.


Can i get bulk price?

Sorry, because of Corona, Shipping company dosenot offer bulk discount anymore.

How Should I to Contact if I Have Any Queries?

You can contact us from Contact Form any time. Please feel free to ask us .

How do i get items on pallet?

We do pallet only for sea shipping. It will take from 1month depending on the country you receive. If you want to do pallet, please us know from contact form.

How do i cancel my order?

If item is not shipped yet, you can cancel the order.

If the cancel is caused by your fault, your personal reason, or any other reason that is caused by you, you have to pay for canceling fees.

Canceling Fee : 7% of total order.

If you need to cancel, please contact us from contact form.

Do you ship to EU? (UK, France Italy etc)

Basically, we don’t ship to EU because there is strict importing regulation on their country.

If you can take all responsibility for the case of undelivered( declined by custom etc), we can ship but if Custom in your country decline importing items, we can not refund your payment.

If you agree all this risk, and still need shipment, please contact us from Contact Form page.

Can i add extra shipping instruction for my order?

From our side, we can not tell them for extra instruction or can not arrange specific delivery date.

(What we can tell shipping company is your name, address ,phone number, email address, and EIN or Duns number.)

If you need , please contact DHL directly for arrangement and tell them tracking number.